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About Us

Who we are and what makes us Exclusive

In order to look stylish, trendy and fashionable it need not be necessary that everyone should have 365 dresses, each one to wear on each day of the year. You can wear a single dress multiple times every time giving it a unique and new twist. Flaunt your single dress in multiple ways, every time looking completely different from the previous one. Your dress should be such that by looking at you every one must say "Dude who is your dress stylist and you can proudly say I am myself my dress stylist and if you like my style you can just follow me". This statement of yours and you can see the jealousy level of your friends. This is what you call a look with an attitude. Anyone can purchase a new dress and look different every time but the correct attitude of fashion is when one who creates a fusion in his/her sense of styling and is capable of presenting a single dress in various ways.
For all those people in this world who have a continuous craving for a new dressing sense every day with a belief that life is too short and therefore one should keep on experiencing new things daily in their lives, this is exact platform.

This platform is also for all those Indians based in the foreign countries who don’t have much knowledge about the Indian fashion and who thinks Indian fashion is boring, this is a place for them to understand that gone are the days when Indian fashion was nowhere in the list of international fashion designers. Now many International fashion designers choose Indian style for most of their international clients. Indian fashion is achieving the new heights day by day.
Know and explore more about the various rich Indian ethnic clothing line and get new ideas on how can you wear a single dress in multiple ways, every time looking completely different then the first time. You will get to realize that you can create so many exciting styles with your simple clothes, just by bringing a slight twist like adding up accessories to it or change the style of wearing it.

Are you excited; are you ready for a fashion ride?? Well, then bringing an end to your suspense lets know Who we are and how we can help you.
We are your Twist look wherein Twist look is not just a name, it’s a style, it’s a trend, it’s a concept which says regular is boring, style is exciting!! Don’t restrict yourself to just one outfit when actually you have so much to experiment with your looks and style. Flourish yourself by draping various Indian ethnic clothes with a western fusion. For all those people out there who have a craving for new style, new design, trendiest clothes, and fashionable colors every day, twist look is exclusively made just for them.

Twistlook is just a thought, an idea which we believe we will be able to spread all over the world and make people understand that instead of following a trend, they actually can create a trend of their own and let others follow it. Twistlook focuses mainly on fresh look and trendy collection which have something unique in it. Youngsters love to shop from twistlook as here they found a great fusion of Indian traditional and western style. We offer a wide range of quality products with a unique twist on it. You will find catchy clothes at twistlook that too at a price which is best suited to your pocket.
Twistlook offers easy navigation and gives you various options like search by fabric, color, price, twist and popularity.
So don’t just wait and watch, get up and shop for some amazing twisted outfits from one and only Twistlook.

Where do we deliver our exclusive products?

We deliver our products worldwide, in collaboration with the proven A-class courier partners like FedEx, DHL and Aramex etc. We regularly ship hundreds of products to UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, France, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada and many such countries.



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